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GB: So we have our latest featured model today, so tell us who you are?

Modest: Oneisha Thompson, but I go by Modest_Beauty

GB: How old are you?

Modest: 22

GB: So why Modest?

Modest: It's a mindset, I know that beauty is in me, but I don't go overboard like some do and just make it all that I am. 

GB: Ok, I get that vibe from you, and where are you from?

Modest: That Boot babe, Shreveport, Ratchet City as it is better known

GB: Ok, that’s the home of HollyHood Bay Bay!

Modest: Yeah

GB: So what do you think guys find most attractive about you?

Modest: IDK, but I would have to say my smile, lol.

GB: Oh, yeah I can see that smile of yours lol. So how did you start modeling!

Modest: Started out as a hobby, and a way to get better at doing makeup. It was a friend of mine who encouraged me to do it. Then I meet Xslent Images at a job, and saw his work, we talked about it, but it would be 2 years before we actually shot. 

GB: Dam that long, why!

Modest: Yeah between school, and him being on the road time just never was there

GB: Word, so what are you into?

Modest: Poetry, and intelligent conversation

GB: So what can we expect from you in the future?

Modest: We have some hot looks coming for you guys, the lingerie look is the shit, can't wait for you guys to see it. 

GB: Ok, cool, can’t wait to see them, so what your fav music, and who is your rotation right now?

Modest: RnB, right now I’m Feeling Tank "Dirty", and in my rotation at the moment is Ella Mai, and Kevin Gates. 

GB: Dam, that's a broad range, but yeah that Gates is on point, What do you think of that joint “Luv Bug”

Modest: That’s my shit, I like that shit, Grabbing my neck, finger my butthole, lol.

 GB: Dam, Ok you get down like that!

Modest: I like interesting experiences, lol, can’t be boring right!

GB: Right, right. Well it's been cool talking to you, and we will be looking forward to see your next project real soon.

GB: So how can you be reached?

Modest: IG _modest_beauty_ or by contacting XslentImages at XslentImages on IG


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IG: Brit.Aries.. my name is Brittany Cosom, born and raised in Philadelphia,pa. I currently reside in el Paso,tx. I'm 29 yrs old,5'6" and 160 pds. I'm bisexual and single with no kids. Married once.  I'm an army veteran and cancer survivor. I enjoy working out. I have a business management certificate and soon to have a PT certificate