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Currently working as a Zumba instructor
not in school but I will be going back for business in the fall
I model because it's a way to express your inner beauty one captured shot can hold a thousand memories that will forever last!
When I was a little girl I did a runway show,and fell in love with pictures and modeling. Also knowing how beautiful you are inside in out and giving other women confidence to never be afraid of how you look enjoy every picture it's worth it.

Model bio
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I am Ariyan Velazquez
born in Shreveport, Louisiana.
I'm 23
single mother of a six year old son.
Currently a student at southern university as a medical laboratory technician.
I have been modeling for  three years.
I attended my first video shoot in 2015 called "heart break".
My second video shoot was with Charlie Wilson nephew in 2016 .
Building my brand so one day I can launch my own fashion line, and modeling agency.

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Xslent Images was established more than 10years ago. And is a Portrait and Glamour photography studio located in Louisiana. We have developed a unique theme based style of photography, that is both beautiful and creative. Showcasing some of the most beautiful women across the southwest and beyond. Xslent Images has been capturing the essence of women for more than 10 years.
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