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Model: Danii Glova
Age: 28
Height: 5'3
Breast: 34D
Waist: 26
Hips: 30
Gecko: What are some of your interest
Danii Glova: Im Interested in Beauty, Fashion, traveling, Dancing, Astrology, Volunteering, Reading, art
Gecko: Any thing exciting happening with your brand
Danii Glova: There are exciting Things coming with my Brand- I'm working on Starting a Business or 2 & Looking forward to getting out More Hot New Content
Gecko: What made you want to model
Danii Glova: What made me start modeling- I can say I was pretty much just brought into it, I got asked to take pictures all the time & I always agreed & here we are today !
Gecko: How did you get into dancing, I must say if anyone hasnt seen your show they are missing out!
Danii Glova: I seen how much money was being Made just from them dancing & having fun & I knew I could do that easy lol
Gecko: What music interest you
Danii Glova: I really don't discriminate But R&B, Rap, Trap, Rock, and Some heavy Metal a little classical & reggae
Gecko: So if someone wanted to shoot thier shot, what does it take
Danii Glova: What does it take to get my attention, lol ? You have to come correct, remeber Im not my job! Have great conversation, I enjoy conversations that stimulate mind, and will talk all night.
Gecko: So what does Danii Glova want for Xmas?
Danii Glova: For Xmas I would Love to Just be in a better place so that I can continue to give back, I always Give to the Homeless, Blankets, gloves, scarfs, hats, socks & things that they could possibly keep year round
Gecko: So how can you be contacted?
Danii Glova: I can be contacted by
Instagram @Danii_Glova,  and for booking
Through IG of course, or by Email

Model: Aries (King Auna)
IG: @king_auna
Born in San Juan, PuertoRico
I'm 20 yrs old
I have a 9month old Son
Currently work as a pole coach, and dancer at Larry Flynts Hustler Club in Shreveport, and at EXC in Dallas .
I have been modeling for more than 6 years, and I also have been doing photography/videography for 2 years, lol yeah I do it all .
 I just want to help bring others visions to life either in front, or behind the camera.
I feeling be a Gecko Girl will be great opportunity to bring me and my Brand to more people. Success come from building your network.
I heard of the Gecko Girls from Xslent Images, he and his team are amazing. From The MUA @mo_prettyartist, to Alex the stylist, and of the course the Man himself Mr.Xslent Images. Get at him for your next shoot.

Jasmine Thomas
Modeling an acting (become famous)
Yes I'm in school
I go to Ashford University.
I currently have my associate's degree already human resources management.
I'm originally from Augusta ga
Currently reside in Dallas, Texas
I am working to build my brand up to the level I can do this full time, and one day manage my own team of models and clothing line. But for now working with other great industry professionals, and being a traveling model is exciting. You meet so many talented, and interesting people in the modeling world.
I want to appear in as many Magazines, and online publications that I can, while continuing to earn a living.
I heard about GeckoBroGirls from my amazing photographer Xslent Images, he is awesome everyone should work with him. I have learned so much from him and his team. Plus he is fun and easy to work with.
My favorite food is crab legs, and shrimp, expensive taste
My favorite color is green, have to secure the bag
My favorite music is hip hop and r&b
My favorite artist is Plies, and Cardi B
For modeling I go by
Nikki Sweet GA Peach
You can find on both
Model Mayhem sweetgapeach2395
IG                      sweet_ga_peach706


IG: Brit.Aries..
 Brittany Cosom
Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa.
Reside in El Paso, Tx.
29 yrs old,5'6" and 160 lbs.
I'm bisexual and single with no kids.
Married once.
I'm an army veteran and cancer survivor.
I enjoy working out.
I have a business management certificate and soon to have a PT certificate.
I've only had one photoshoot so far and liked it.

Currently working as a Zumba instructor
not in school but I will be going back for business in the fall
I model because it's a way to express your inner beauty one captured shot can hold a thousand memories that will forever last!
When I was a little girl I did a runway show,and fell in love with pictures and modeling. Also knowing how beautiful you are inside in out and giving other women confidence to never be afraid of how you look enjoy every picture it's worth it.

Model bio
IG _queen_velazquez
I am Ariyan Velazquez
born in Shreveport, Louisiana.
I'm 23
single mother of a six year old son.
Currently a student at southern university as a medical laboratory technician.
I have been modeling for  three years.
I attended my first video shoot in 2015 called "heart break".
My second video shoot was with Charlie Wilson nephew in 2016 .
Building my brand so one day I can launch my own fashion line, and modeling agency.

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